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Adobe Photoshop

Our partners in the film industry approached us with this exciting opportunity to be a design partner in a commercial shoot for a large online dating service.

The commercial required a shot of a single mother using an online university interface. We were brought in to design this prop interface.

The design was to be optimized so that it fit proportionally in the shot while still featuring the main piece of the interface - an online ad for the dating service. Colors, layout, and end application were all different than usual on this project, presenting a unique challenge.

technology overview

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Systems.

This project required a different kind of thinking than we normally apply to our design projects.

Instead of being displayed on a screen directly in front of users, this layout was to be presented through the lens of a camera, at an angle, focused on a specific piece of the layout.

This led to a number of unique challenges, including thinking of the design from a different perspective, optimization for the frame of presentation, and color theory.

- Brett Schuster, Project Lead Design

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